About the club

Our club has been running in Lincolnshire since 2000

Our Club Head Coach, Navaz Sutton, has worked with many partners to establish the Club, allowing access for the community, juniors and students. The club is now based at Riseholme College.

Mission statement

Lincoln Cannons Volleyball Club strives to develop and grow a sustainable structure that provides for the community, with long term goals being to:

  • Expand the junior section (through a Junior Development Programme).
  • Have more high level junior players feeding into adult teams.
  • Increase the number of players of all ability levels.
  • Improve the level of participation.
  • Increase the number of club members.
  • Provide a sporting environment for social interaction.

We aim to provide a club that is accessible to all participants to play the indoor standing game; one that will provide a safe, caring and friendly environment for club members of various ages, abilities and gender.

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