End of Season Bash and AGM

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Oh what a night! June 2022 saw Lincoln Cannons hold our largest event yet. Combining the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the End of Season Bash into an amazing night of food, celebrations, dancing and prizes! A wonderful celebration of volleyball and how well the club has pulled through the pandemic to come back twice as strong! 


The AGM section of the evening saw our Club Chair, Naz, talk about how far the club has come through the years. Starting in the year 2000 with just enough players to fill a team in the Lincolnshire Local League, to now in 2022 with over 80 adult members filling 6 teams ranging from local to national leagues! The club as a whole has increased so much, and so many of our members will agree, it really does feel like a family.

Finance Officer’s Report 

Our Finance Officer, Dom, took us through the club’s finances including yearly expenditure, income and predicted expenses for the coming season. The total income for the club between 01/06/2021 and 01/06/2022 was £11,791.13 and the total expenditure for the same time frame was £12,473.68. The club’s cash balance at the time of the AGM was £8,843.87 (plus 12 months reserve).

Secretary’s Report 

The club’s Secretary, Donna, discussed each competitive team’s results- you can check these out in our Season Round Up post. Donna also spoke about our yearly Member’s Survey which gives each Cannon a chance to share their views around what they enjoy and what they would like to see change about the club. We are pleased to share that for the club’s Overall Experience we scored 4.76 out of 5!

Member Engagement Report 

Our Engagement Officer, Lucy, took us through the Engagement Report where she shared that overall member engagement has increased to a club high since the return post-pandemic. The club hosted four main events this season:

Christmas Tournament- 22 members involved

Easter Tournament- 37 members involved

End of Season Bash- 99 members involved

Bridlington Beach Tournament- 21 members involved

Workforce Officer’s Report 

Sadly our Workforce Officer, Ross, could not join us for the AGM so Naz took us through Ross’ report. Within Lincoln Cannons Volleyball Club, we have one Level 3 coach, three Level 2 coaches, and three Level 1 coaches. The end of this season sees Cannons say goodbye to one Level 1 coach, but adds four Volunteer Coaches to the coaching team!

During the 2021/22 season, Cannons hosted 40 home matches, with our members volunteering a total of 206 times!

Publicity and Social Media Report 

The Social Media Coordinator and newly appointed Publicity Officer took us through the Publicity and Social Media Report. Unfortunately our previous Publicity Officer, Ashton, could not join us due to her flight being delayed! Lincoln Cannons social media pages have greatly increased their reach and followers over the past year. Cannons is now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and regularly posting to each of the platforms. A recent post about our Men 1 team winning their division in the National League reached over 2K people!

Not only this, but our website has been continuously updated and improved so all past, current and future members can keep up to date with who’s in the club and what we are up to.


2022 saw an amazing number of our members receive awards for their skill development, contribution to the club, and even for their hilarious dance “skills” during training sessions (5, 6, 7, 8 anyone?).  

A record number of development members won awards this year too, including our Grand Prix winners as well as Kody for Cannon of the Year and Libby for Most Improved. We look forward to seeing how all of our members develop and improve over the next season; let’s see who wins next year!  

One of the most prestigious awards for Lincoln Cannons is the Club Contribution Award. This year, the award was given to one of the club’s most prominent members. A coach who was instrumental in aiding Cannons returning to play after the pandemic, particularly with arranging outdoor sessions when we were unable to meet indoors as groups. This coach has been part of the Cannons Family for years, an integral part of the Mixed and Men’s competitive teams and an all-round great guy. Congratulations, Barry!

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