Christmas Tournament 2021

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Happy Holidays, Cannons!

This December we were able to host our first Covid-friendly Christmas Tournament! Lots of sanitizing, social distancing, and masks were involved, along with some awesome Christmas costumes of course!

It is a Cannons tradition to have silly dress during our tournaments, and our members certainly came decked out! Elves, reindeer, Santa hats, and Christmas pyjamas were all sported this evening. We split our members into two groups to minimize risk, and each group contained multiple teams. While one group would compete in three mini-games, the second group would be watching and supporting from the balcony. Everyone on the balcony was treated to pizza while getting to view the new Cannons merch that will soon be added to our shop! A very exciting evening that was enjoyed by all.

Gameplay pics and clips

Cannon’s Christmas Tournament – 2021

The minigames eventually built up to a full-on 6 v 6, and it was great to watch from the balcony! (Apologies about all my cheering in the video, it’s very loud at times.) Unfortunately, we didn’t catch footage of the 2nd group playing, but enjoy some snippets of the 1st group! Watch till the end for a silly blooper 🙂

Balcony shenanigans

Tournament Prizes

At the end of the tournament, we tallied up the points from each mini-game. All of the mini-games had their own prize, and every team managed to win one mini-game! Chocolates and goodies for all!

Our two lovely groups. Look at all that fancy dress, we love our members!

A very special thank you to Naz and Donna who worked so hard to make sure the tournament ran safely and smoothly. We appreciate you both!

Thanks to all for coming, and we hope you all enjoy the holidays and time off. We look forward to seeing you all after the break, see you next year!


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