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Welcome to our many new members!

Summer 2021 saw our return to indoor training. After multiple lockdowns and many months of training outdoors – everyone was so ready to hit the courts again! Over the course of the pandemic, we received so much interest from new players, excited to learn and play volleyball. Starting in July we were finally able to host our first Development session post-lockdown, with an incredible increase in players from previous seasons. This year we are looking at over 45+ players registered to our Development training alone! We couldn’t be more excited to coach and train a new generation of volleyball players. Since July we have already seen growth in players’ confidence and skills on the court, which is a clear result of their hard work and dedication – well done!

We asked some of our new members what made them want to join volleyball over lockdown. Here are some of their answers:

  • I wanted to join volleyball because I saw some matches during the Olympics
  • I used to play while on Holiday and I wanted to learn more
  • Volleyball looks really fun
  • I watched Haikyuu over lockdown and it got me really excited volleyball (A lot of members could relate to this one! Haikyuu is an anime about Volleyball that grew in popularity throughout the pandemic.)

We had to say goodbye to many beloved members over the pandemic, so it’s been wonderful getting to meet and train with so many new faces!

Our competitive teams have also had a strong return, and the addition of so many new members has helped us introduce a new team to our Local League (Welcome, Mixed A and B!) While all of our coaches help support Development Training, Barry Peach and Leon O’Mahoney will continue to coach both our Local League teams. We’d also like to introduce the new Head Coaches of the regional teams this year – Tyler McClarron will be heading up Men 2 and Ashton Hinton Martin will be leading Women 2 this year! Kye Sykes will be acting as Assistant Coach to Men 2, and our Club Head, Naz Sutton, will also be helping assist Womens 2 this year.

While Naz will continue to coach our Women 1 team, we’d also like to welcome Daniel Swanston as the new Men 1 coach! Both our Men and Women NVL teams will be competing in Division 3 this year, with Women 1 already having a few games under their belt. Home games will be marked on our Cannons Calendar, so make sure you come along to support or volunteer! 🙂 If you’d like to see how our teams are doing in the league, you can check out a link to their results at the bottom of their team page.


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