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Lockdown 1, 2, and now 3

In October 2020, we had our first indoor training session after 7 long months! It was so nice getting to see members again after not being able to train together for so long. Especially as it was getting colder outside, everyone appreciated finally getting to play indoors!

In light of the pandemic, a lot of new rules were put in place to ensure safety during training. We invited members to train in groups of 6 and made sure sanitation and social distancing measures were always met. We were able to enjoy a few weeks of training together before we were plunged into the second National Lockdown on November 5th. Since then we haven’t been able to train outdoors or indoors together, but that hasn’t stopped Cannons from keeping up spirits and preparing for when we’re all back!

Over Christmas, Cannons members shared in the Christmas spirit by submitting silly photos for a virtual Christmas card. Here’s the final product!

Cannon’s Christmas Card – 2020

As lockdown rules and measures fluctuate and change, it’s sometimes made it difficult to keep up with fitness and volleyball practice. But that hasn’t stopped some of our members! David has been incredible and filmed lots of workout routines for members to follow in the safety of their homes. Some brave members have even taken on the cold with walks in the park and long bike rides! When it was allowed, some enjoyed visits to the gym. We have some real troopers determined to stay in shape and keep moving. Here are some photos proving their dedication!

After already going through two National Lockdowns, England started its 3rd on January 5th, 2020. As we all tread on in a seemingly never-ending winter lockdown, we are all looking forward to some warmer months up ahead. If we’re lucky we might even be allowed to train outdoors together again! Lockdown hasn’t been easy, but we’re thankful for our incredible community. Zoom catch up calls and training day discussions can always brighten up a long day. Even though we may have to wait a while before training again, we definitely have a lot to look forward to and be excited about. Come on Cannons!

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