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… has been one of the best things I have done this year! One of the main things I was looking for when I moved to Lincoln was the possibility of playing volleyball. After a quick search in the internet I found the Lincoln Cannons website and a contact email, so I gave it a try thinking that probably nobody would even reply, because the website didn’t look that active… Wrong! An email came back to me in less than 24 hours, telling me to join them in their next practice. So there I was on Thursday, nervous with my new badminton sport shoes (yeps, I didn’t have volleyball shoes and that was the closest shoes I could find in such short time!) and lots of excitement to see what was going on.

Now I remember that first day with a big smile on my face, but I can tell you that it was stressful and somewhat painful, but with lots of fun! Also, trying to remember all the names and faces I was meeting for the first time, and all the new words was not an easy task. I had played volleyball before many years ago, but never in a club, and never in English! Drill, pepper, dip, pancake, opposite, rotations, libero, positions… So many new words in just 2 hours! But there I was, twice a week, improving my skills thanks to the amazing coaching team and making lots of new friends from all around the world.

This summer some of us headed to Cambridge for a volleyball tournament and it was absolutely awesome! Lots of sun, lots of fun, and lots of volleyball! We even played against a team of superheroes (!) including batman in need of bigger “undies”, and Emma and I ended up in the semifinals in the 2×2 (which we lost, but it was close!).

After summer, things moved to the next level: Lincoln Cannons enters the Volleyball National League. So there I am, playing opposite with a team of fabulous women. ☺

Two, three… Cannons! See you on court!

By Sandra Varga

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