London 2012, volleyball and me

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I still remember the day when my London 2012 olympics tickets arrived in the post. What an amazing opportunity I had land on my doormat.

Ever since I found out that my own country was going to hold the Olympics, I was desperate to go. I would never have a chance like it again in my lifetime, so there was really no question… I had to get tickets.

I knew that out of all the things I would want to see, it would have to be some international volleyball. I had never seen any high level volleyball before, so where better than to try and see it at the Olympics!

The first round of ticket entries had opened and I foolishly had high expectations. I decided to opt for the mens volleyball final. And only that. I was so disappointed when I found out that I had not won any tickets. However it was probably for the best, as it meant that those who didn’t win anything in the first ballot, had first choice in the second ballot. So I put on my sensible hat and opted for some preliminary sessions on a Friday afternoon. Thankfully for me, indoor volleyball was not as popular as a lot of the other sports which meant that not long after, I received an email telling me I had won tickets!! I was over the moon. Now all I had to do was wait.

The week finally arrived. We travelled down to my fiance’s parent’s house near Luton. It meant that we could catch the train into London on the Friday morning and enjoy the Olympic atmosphere in London before we headed to Earls Court. There were so many jolly people, all with the same excited look on their faces as I imagined must be on mine.

I couldn’t help notice on the tube travelling between stations how incredible it was to see athletes, volunteers and supporters from different countries all there with the same intention to enjoy this spectacular event.

There were a few of us from the club who had got tickets and it was great to be able to enjoy the sport that we all love surrounded by people who had also got the same interest in mind. The set up at Earls court was spectacular and I couldn’t help but feel immersed in a sense of patriotism as we watched our GB Women play. Waving our flag and all!!

I loved the excitement and anticipation we all had whenever we saw some amazing rallies or when a player did an awesome hit.

It really did leave me with a sense of pride and a new flare of inspiration to take back with me to my club. After seeing the international players on court playing, and at such a high competitive level, it just made me want to really challenge myself to play better… heck I just wanted to join in!

A year on, I still really love playing volleyball and I still reflect upon that weekend in London and how amazing it was to finally see some high level volleyball and at the most perfect setting… London 2012… I just wish it happened every year!

By Helen Meeds

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