LCVC 2012-2013 season update

 In East Midlands League Volleyball, Lincolnshire League Volleyball

So here is the low down for the past season…

This season couldn’t have been better for Cannons as far as results are concerned; winning all 14 matches they have played. However, this hasn’t come without its struggles. Many matches have been played with a skeleton squad of 6 players – this just shows the standard of the team and how they can adapt even with some of the big hitters missing. Congratulations Cannons for becoming LVA League and Cup Champions 2012/13.

What a season for Deans! A development team, but this season has really shown what hard work and commitment can achieve. Deans have done excellently well this season winning 3 matches in the first half of the season to make it into Division 1 for the second half where although there were no wins; Deans certainly gave Cannons and Harriers a run for their money. Congratulations Deans for such a fantastic 2012/13 season.

Lynx have had a bit of a mixed season with five wins and five losses, this is probably a reflection of the inconsistency of the squad over the season and having to play matches with a scratch six. However, on the plus side the standard of volleyball has been extremely high and representative of National League Division 3 if not 2. Lynx finished 2nd so even with a ropy season we are still competing for top spot. Well Done!

After a ropey first match Leopards have really upped their game this season! Each match has been an improvement on the last, finished off by a great 3-0 against Loughborough Dolphins away from home to prove a point. It was unfortunate however, that due to only having a skeleton squad in the first place, we really struggled to get 6 players together to fulfil fixtures and we had to concede 2 matches, which ultimately cost us the top spot. Leopards played 12 matches, winning 9 and losing 3 (2 of which we conceded). Well Done Leopards for a season full of great performances!

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